Why would I place an advertisement on The Online Gun Shop?

The Online Gun Shop is Australia’s newest & most comprehensive firearms and related items advertising website. Using the latest listing processes, communication techniques and heavy investment in SEO and SEM to make sure your ad is seen by more people!

TRUST. The Online Gun Shop is operated by a group of firearm professionals and for peace of mind are LICENSED FIREARM DEALERS. Why would you risk advertising your firearm with site that are not Licensed Firearm Dealers?

How do I go about placing my advertisement on The Online Gun Shop?

Easy! Simply create a user profile, or simply create one in an instant using your social media profile – it’s very secure! Once you have your profile created, select the category you want to advertise in, populate the fields with information about your item(s), upload some photos and proceed through the shopping cart to the payment gateway. Once your payment is submitted you will receive a confirmation email and your ad will go live very soon. The Online Gun Shop is updated every few minutes (unlike other manual entry advertising sites that may take some hours to see your ad go live or be removed) so it all happens very quickly!

If I like an item, how do I contact the seller?

Ads that are posted on The Online Gun Shop need to have the sellers email address, contact telephone number and also if they chooseyou can message the advetiser so you can instantly chat with the seller! We aim to provide the most modern communication channels to you can sell your item faster, with different ways to contact buyers and sellers.

How do I mark my item as sold?

Once you have sold your item(s), Simply log back into The Online Gun Shop with your username and password and mark your item as sold! Simple. Your listing will then be removed.

How long does my ad last on The Online Gun Shop?

Depending on the category of your advertisement, your ad will be live for between 3 months to 12 months but it all comes down the the package you choose. Check out the FYI section for ad time breakdown. Some sites only let you list your firearm for a couple of months – but it can take time for the right buyer to find you.

New - New condition, suggest to be used by retailers as an item described as new should come with warranty / returns policy from the advertiser.

Excellent - No noticeable scratches or major marks. It could be described as an 'as new' condition. 

Very Good - Minor blemishes and a couple of scuffs, full working condition with no major rust or scratches that would stop it from being in very good condition.

Good - There may be some wear or even minor scratches but no broken parts and in working order but used condition.

Fair - Well-worn may even have some visible rust or scratches, may be in need some minor repair or attention.

Poor - Very Worn. Functional but in need of restoration and a lot of attention.

Shagged - Non Functional. In need of major repair or not to be fired in current condition. Referred to as 'stuffed!'