Privacy Policy


TOGS sets out how your personal information is used, collected and stored

If at any time you disclose and personal information in any capacity whatsoever to a third part, this privacy policy of that third party will apply so we strongly recommend you refer to their privacy policy.

When you use TOGS, you agree for the disclosure of this information to be used or stored by TOGS as set out in this policy. We also use cookies to help in the functionality of the website. If you do not want to enable cookies, it may reflect on the performance of the site for your experience.


TOGS may store and collect and information that it considers necessary in order to help to prove the right services to its customers. Some examples may be items such as but not limited to name, birthday, location, state, license number, phone number, email address, photos or vides etc. It may also extend to passwords, email passwords and more.

When you use TOGS, we may record information such as URL’s, IP addresses and other information related to the advertisement or nay other associated documents or data.

If you are not in a position to offer the information needed to advertise on the site, TOGS then may not be in a position to offer the services of advertising. You may then need to look elsewhere.

If there is any personal information that is used in a way such as to provide to contact buyers or provide services to contact seller and any billing related matter including marketing, surveys or related special this information proved may be used.

TOGS may even at their digression disclose information to a third party which may include but are not limited to members of the public, licensed firearm dealers, buyers and sellers of items and may extend to marketing organizations and retail and online outlets.


Any linked sites to TOGS may collect cookies and other information, TOGS is not responsible for linked sites and we strongly suggest read all the privacy policy of any linked site.
TOGS are bound by the Privacy Act (1988)
If you have any questions, please email [email protected]