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Terms & Conditions TOGS


The Website you are viewing is operated under www.the onlinegunshop.com.au and will be referred to as TOGS. V.1.1.2

Any advertising of any firearm or parts and accessories will be bound and by any stare or commonwealth laws. All buyers and sellers of any firearms must hold the appropriate category firearms license for the firearms that they advertise for sale or they purchase and all transaction must be made through a licensed firearms dealer. All relevant information about advertising any firearm must be supplied in the ad when creating the listing, this may include but not limited to your firearms license number, the serial number of the firearm and details of any transferring dealer that also must be licensed. You and any potential buyer must have the relevant license to sell or acquire that category of firearm. 

If you use the advertising avenue of TOGS you agree that you are a lawful owner of the item and have the correct license associated with the category of firearm that you are advertising and may sell to another buyer and they must hold the correct license to be lawfully able to acquire that item with the correlating license. In using TOGS you remove all liability from TOGS in all capacity what so ever.

TOGS does not make any covering warranty or may not vet the advertisement and does not authorize or endorse the accuracy of the advertisement or any suitability are at any point any completeness of the advertisement on the site or if shared with any third party site.

TOGS does not accept any liability for any inaccuracies that may be advertised on the site.

Any condition stated in any ad is completely the determination of the seller and is not endorsed by TOGS. The information served on this site should serve as a guide only and should be verified with the seller of the item.

By using the site you agree to be bound by the mentioned terms and conditions but to mention more importantly any and all information supplied of  any advertisement needs to be legal and accurate and needs to be governed by the federal or state requirements that pertain to your license – if it’s not legal, don’t try to advertise it!

This information that is required may include but not limited to, providing your firearms license numberserial number of the firearm and details of the transferring firearms dealer when a firearm is advertised, otherwise if an advertisement is for a general item, please fill out the relevant fields. Failure to provide these details may see your ad removed without financial refund.

In listing with TOGS you accept all legal liability and waive all legal liability from TOGS and you accept that you comply with all legal liability imposed upon you from any enforcement agency, Police or local laws.


If you would like to access the site and communicate with other sellers you need to become a registered user. Please do so from the home page. Please complete the registration and we will endeavor to get you set up ASAP. When registering as a user, you agree to all the terms and conditions and waive all legal liability from TOGS and accept all legal liability and agree that any advertisement is lawful and complete to the best of your knowledge.

If you would like you can refer to our Privacy Policy which is located on our website for information about the collection use, and storage of information that you provide ‘TOGS’.

If you use TOGS you agree that you ensure that all information that may be proved by you in your listings and associated registration details are accurate and true. You take on this responsibility when using TOGS. You also do that you will update any registration details and needed in the future at any time.

When you use or view TOGS you also agree to totally indemnify TOGS from any liability, damage, criminal charges or compensation in any and all capacity whatsoever and also remove any liability on TOGS for any loss or misuse of any information that you may provide.

All users that advertise firearms for sale must hold the appropriate firearms license for their state or territory, and firearm category. TOGS reserves the right to terminate your registration & delete any listings at our discretion  if you breach these terms and conditions.

When you register, you need to provide all the information needed to compete the registration process.

TOGS has the right to restrict access or even block certain individuals and also areas of the website if needed at TOGS absolute opinion. This site is not open to all people to use and TOGS may restrict / block access at any time without notice.

Any unique discount codes need to be kept confidential and cannot be used or shared an groups for the use of any other people other than the people who it was intended. If codes are shared, codes may be rendered useless.

The services of TOGS are intended to be used in Australia only and access to the site may be terminated at any time without notice.

If TOGS gives you access to any and all certain areas of the site, these must remain confidential or access may be cancelled and any fees paid may be forfeited. If needed TOGS may disable your access to the website without notice.

All ads must be displayed and advertised in the correct category and sub category, this is not negotiable. If any are not advertised in the correct category they may be rejected or deleted without waning and without compensation.

You agree to list your item for sale in the correct category & agree not to try to list an item in the wrong category in an effort to evade listing charges.

More information may be uploaded at any time to please check in and make yourself familiar with these conditions. For more information on T's & C's please contact us directly.

Limitations of liability

TOGS is excused to any loss or liability in any way even if advised to TOGS at any time.

By using and accessing the site you hereby and totally indemnify TOGS and you will continue to indemnify TOGS against any damages that may arise or any loss incurred along with any costs, or liabilities and expenses. This extends to any settlements or claim disputes that may be viewed by TOGS legal advisers, and any that may be incurred by TOGS that may have arisen from any breaches of items or provisions of these conditions and terms or that may arise if you have breached any of these conditions and terms.

TOGS website will not be made liable any under any laws in the relation to the site any loss or damages that may be direct or indirect and may be special or substantial that may in any way lead to any losses, damages or any loss of revenue or income or even any infringements of any kind. This also extends to the loss of commerce between businesses or information that has been gathered and may have been lost that may happen.

TOGS me not be available constantly and at any time may be closed for a short period or permanently and you agree to this condition by using the site in any capacity. If the site is un available or had closed and you wish to seek to retrieve any information or request refund of any monies, please email [email protected] and we will endeavor to get back to you. Please be aware, once ads are posted and monies paid for that advertisement there are no refunds – even if the site is unavailable or closes at any time and you agree to this when singing up to use the site – even if the site is unavailable or closes during the duration of your advertisement and these monies will be forfeited.

All purchasers should contact the seller of an item that you may be interested in and gather all the information that you may need to come to your own conclusion about if that items is appropriate to your needs and meets your requirements. All transactions of sales of items must and will be conducted between the person who lists an item in the site and the person who may want to purchase the item and done through the relevant channels and legally – these transactions are outside of TOGS and do not involve TOGS in any way.

As a visitor to the site, also if you are a seller or a buyer, you accept that you will not bring about any claim against TOGS or its employees or officers for any loss or damages that you may incur with any connection to the website in any capacity whatsoever. Even as a visitor you agree not to undertake any legal proceedings against TOGS.

TOGS does not take any kind of responsibility of communication or delivery of anything that may occur between the seller and buyer. As stated all firearm transactions between two parties must be conducted within all the right and relevant state and territory laws and conducted through a licensed firearms dealer – people who are not licensed firearms dealers cannot transfer ownership of firearms to another person, please check local laws and abide by them.

TOGS cannot and will not take any responsibility for payments that may be made and arranged between buyers and seller of items, this is totally between these parties and does not have anything to do with TOGS. This covers any payment method.

Furthermore to the above, when visiting or using this site you agree that the limitations of any warranties or nay liabilities that have been set out in this disclaimer will protect TOGS including all of their employees (current or future), officers and any contractors against any damages or legal proceedings.

Relating to any of the advertised conditions of any items, please be aware that this is provided by the seller and not TOGS so if you are a buyer, please make yourself fully aware and happy with the condition of any item(s) that you may want to buy. Any of the information put on this site is to be used as a guide only and your own research is strongly advised.

As TOGS only acts as an advertising platform for shooting & related gear and firearms, any and all transaction must be conducted within the relevant state or territory and must follow all local laws, TOGS takes not responsibility of any liability that may arise as a result of a sale or purchase from any buyer or seller of items or any loss or damages that may occur during or after these transactions.

As mentioned these policies may change from time to time to please refer back regularly to this policy.

Content posted by users.

As this site is intended for sellers to essentially create their own advertisement, no warranties are offered or implied. These services are on an ‘as is’ basis without any warranties or representations about the advertisement or the item in it. Furthermore, TOGS does not warrant that the site will be consistently available, or available at all and that the information on this website is true and accurate and that this information is non-misleading. Nothing on this website is meant to be advice of any kind.

Set out in these terms and conditions please be aware that some ‘user content’ means but may not be limited to photos, text, images, URL’s, IP addresses, names, birthdates, license numbers and more or writings or images that you may submit to the website for the purpose of advertising items for sale etc.

By using this site you give over and grand to TOGS the world wide use of these items and an irrevocable use and relinquish all royalty fees that may be sought for. TOGS and also use any and all of this user information any may publish it, trade with it or may adapt it in any way – we may even engage other media companies to use this information form time to time. By using this site you also grant to TOGS the right if we need to, the right to sub-lease and sub-license these rights and waive any rights to bring about any action for infringements of these rights.

When you list any user content, you must make sure that all content that you list is lawful and in no way illegal and in no way can you infringe on any third party and this must not be capable of giving rise to any future legal action or damages against TOGS in any way at any time under the applicable law.

Any information that is on the TOGS site may be and has the right to be monitored, changed, amended or edited and in some cases information may be removed at the total digression and choice of TOGS. All content that is submitted but be relevant and owned by you and you must not put up or submit any user content that may give rise to or be the subject of any legal proceedings, threats, compensation or damages against TOGS.

Please be aware that further to and not withstanding our rights under these conditions and terms and user content, TOGS does not constantly monitor the content or submission relating to the publications on this website.

If you want to link TOGS to another website, please seek written permission from us before doing so. If written permission is not given, we reserve the right serve you with notice if we become aware of such a link.

Sometimes hyperlinks are used on this site to direct people to other platforms and other websites, and these links are only provided for convenience of the users and TOGS takes no responsibility for the privacy policy, accuracy, content or maintenance of these sites. Furthermore any hyperlinks that may be used on this site, does not imply that we endorse, support and in any way sponsor that hyperlinked site. If you visit a third party website you will then be governed by their T’s C’s and privacy policy. TOGS does also not approve or endorse Third Party websites.

Intellectual Property Rights

We always endeavor to have all the correct intellectual property rights for use of items on this site such as graphics, images, videos, certain styles and layouts as this site has been built from an independent platform. If you have any issues with any of these items, please contact us and we will do our best to rectify these ASAP.

Logos that relate to The Online Gun Shop that are used on this site are ours, or we have / will seek permission to use them. By accessing this site, it does not give you the right to use them without our permission.

If you have any comments that you feel are relevant, we will hear these comments and if they are about any improvements to this site, we may use these comments to make changes or upgrades to this site. If we do so, you will not be entitled to any compensation about these changes and if you do provide any comments make sure that you are responsible for the content and any material and you will be responsible for material and its associated copyright and originality.

For the information on this site and the terms and conditions these are governed and constructed within Victoria and any dispute between parties will be heard in Victoria.

Acceptance and changes to Terms of Use

These terms may be from time to time revised by TOGS and republished on the website, if you continue to use the services of TOGS or even visit the site you acknowledge and fully accept any of these revised terms. Please check this site regularly for updates, and any update of information will supersede any past information and that past information will become totally null and void and will now way relate to TOGS or leave TOGS liable for any persecution, claims, damages or to be held liable for any past information every posted, used or displayed on this site. Current version is V.1.1.2


When you use TOGS this indicates that you acknowledge and fully accept the terms and conditions.